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Metaphysical uses for crystals 

Amazonite is the stone of courage and truth. Empowers you to search for your inner truth and integrity. Linked to the heart and throat chakras. It enhances loving communication and staying within your own truth. Encourages self-discipline. Balances male/female energies.

Amethyst helps to clear, balance, and open the crown chakra. It is a great support for the nervous system. Helps to stabilise mood swings. It assists with sleep and insomnia. Helpful with addictions such as alcohol. Use a cluster plate to cleanse and charge other crystals. Be mindful to keep out if sunlight as it will fade.

Ametrine Amethyst and Citrine. Assists with weight loss and fluctuations. Assists with letting go of addictive and compulsive behaviour. Citrine helps you walk your true path whilst amethyst helps remove blocks that hold you back.

Angelite has such a peaceful and calming energy with a high vibration. It is perfect to use with meditation to assist with the connections to your guides and the higher realms. Angelite can unlock your psychic abilities and assists medium with connections to spirit. It is a powerful stone to use for communication in all aspects. Great for public speaking and for allowing your words or writing to be heard from a place of truth.

Apatite allows for communication with the wisdom of the mind to the emotion of the heart. Helps to overcome difficulties when bringing one’s vision into reality. Can be used as a manifestation stone for both spiritual and financial means. Assists in psychic and telepathic communication with animals.

Aqua aura quartz is clear quartz boned with gold. It stimulates the throat chakra to help you in communications and speaking your truth. It helps with mental clarity and focus. With meditation is aids in development of telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychic healing. It is used a master healer for any condition.

Aquamarine is calming, soothing and inspires truth. It allows you to feel safe to let go of what no longer serves your highest good. Aquamarine works with the throat chakra is assists in helping you let go of fear of speaking. To allow you to be heard in the way of your truth. Allows you to understand and accept yourself. Represents natural justice by assisting in the use clear and gentle words in a confrontational situation. Aquamarine protects you whilst travelling especially over water. As a love stone, it helps bring people that to live together to a harmonious state and find the balance within their lives.

Black Kyanite, the healer’s best friend. Abundant in healing energy, Black Kyanite can be placed on any chakra to send healing energy to any tears or holes in the chakras and the aura by waving through your auric field. It is a great tool to use when cutting energetic chords and when needing assistance in vision manifesting.
Black Kyanite can heal and align all chakras and works well with the root chakra, as it is very grounding. This stone is a highly frequency stone, making it great to work with in attunements and meditations. It is also assisting those wanting to amplify the Clair senses, and in opening lines of communication, helps in resolving a conflict or tricky situations.

Black kyanite is self-cleansing and should not encounter water.

Black obsidian is a stone of truth. It can reveal many secrets and help you find the answers to life you are seeking. Assists to uncover lies and see the truth in situations. It will assist you to stay within your own integrity and keep you grounded. It works as a mirror and allow you to see and face your own flaws and give you the strength to move forward with truth and integrity, whilst keeping you grounded and protected.

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone and allows for connection from the earth to the human spirit. Allows for channelling of energy throughout the body. Promotes a sense of power and courage. Linked to the base chakra it produces stability. Use in gridding to protect the home. Place in the four corners of the room to ground, absorb toxic and negative energy and seals the room with protection. Use to treat motion sickness.

Bloodstone An excellent blood cleanser. It helps give courage. Heightens intuition. Calms the mind & dispels confusion. Helps to ensure peaceful sleep when placed near the bed

Blue calcite is a calming stone and is linked to the third eye and throat chakras. It aids in telepathy and psychic awareness. Can assist in showing you a new way of looking at a situation. Increases memory and learning ability. Known as the stone for students.

Blue kyanite is a stone of alignment, allowing the yin-yang energies to balance within the body and remove blockages. This allows energy to flow throughout the body. Clears all chakras. It works directly on the throat chakra to assist in communication and allows you to speak your truth. Great to have when public speaking. Kyanite protects from negative influences. Kyanite self-cleansing.

Blue lace agate is the stone of communication. It assists to give you a voice when you fear you are not being heard. It allows you to find the words to speak your truth the in a way it will be received with confidence. It is a diplomatic stone and helps you to find the words where clear understanding is needed. Great to hold when public speaking. A great stone for men to find and be in tune with their sensitive side.

Blue Quartz Protects from negativity. Assists with uplifting energy to help with feeling s of depression and restores hope. Enhances spiritual connections.

Blue sandstone is known as the stone of wisdom. Can be used to help with children who are afraid of the dark. It allows for courage and perseverance. Assists with concentration. May help bring wealth into your life.

Blue topaz is linked to the throat and third eye chakras. It helps you with communication with others to speak in your truth. To determine what you will or won't tolerate in one's life. Great for focusing and allowing for an increase of attention. Calming and relaxing, it assists in connections to the higher spirits. Natural magnifier of psychic abilities. It assists in attuning you to your inner guidance or assisting those reading and healing for others.

Bronzite Alleviates nervous energy. Increases self-esteem, promotes decision making, dispels negativity and enhances creativity.

Carnelian with its warmth and rush of light bring joy and wonder into your life. One of the strongest stones to work with the sacral chakra, it helps to bring out the creativity within your life. Excellent for allowing the inner child to have fun and create. To enjoy being free to try. It also can bring wealth and prosperity into your life. Known as a good luck charm, let carnelian unlock your full potential without worry and fear.

Chakra Stones This combination of 7 stones works on all 7 Chakras. Helping to bring them back into balance and helping to centre your mind, body and soul. 


Chrysocolla is a teaching stone. It encourages us to share our knowledge for the highest good of learning and transformation. Whether this is in the form of a direct teacher student relationship or advice to a friend. It one of the strongest of all the communication stones. Great for musicians with lyrics. To allow the message to be heard in the way of intentions. It is also the stone of home. Allowing people to plant roots down and ground in one place. To be settled within their space. Aids in assisting those with depression and anxiety to feel safe and therefore feel freer to be a part of the world. A truly amazing piece to have.

Citrine is linked to the solar plexus and helps assists with brining light back into your life. It aids in helping with removing self-doubt and stopping self-sabotage behaviours. It allows you to let go of self hurts from the past and allows you to move forward with optimism and faith. It also aids in assisting to calm down conflicts. Citrine absorbs negativity energy and grounds it back to the earth. The stone of wealth. Carry a piece in your wallet and purse for abundance.

Clear quartz is a master healer and enhances the powers of other crystals. It is used widely in gridding to amplify the properties associated with the intention set within the grid. It absorbs, restores, and releases energies. Carry or touch for an instant lift.

Copper aura quartz is clear quartz bonded with copper. Works with the sacral chakra to assist in creativity and grounding of oneself. Work with releasing oneself from living in your own shadow. To allow you to shine. Assists with healing of past lives. Assists the healing of childhood trauma. Assists in bringing through your creative side. Brings you in balance with your intuition and independence.

Dragon Blood Jasper Stimulates creativity. Attracts money and love. Helps you to achieve your goals. Stone of personal power. Provides courage and strength.  

Emerald Stone of Successful love. Stimulates the heart chakra to allow emotional balance and healing to all areas of one’s life. Allows for emotional balance and harmony.    
Fluorite is a grounding stone and aids in concentration. Great for aura cleansing. Assists the skeletal system and works on the body at a cellular level. Absorbs and neutralises negative energies.

Garnet is a stone of strength and brings security. Linked to the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart chakras. Allows settling of fears and brings security into one’s life. Dispels toxins from the body and allows the body to feel revitalised.

Gold Stone Promotes a sense of self-worth and confidence, helping you achieve your dreams. Also helps to balance the metabolism and aid healing. 

Green amethyst links the third eye to the heart chakra which increases your sensitivity and empathy towards others. Boasting most of the benefits of the purple amethyst, it too aids in guarding you against alcohol. Assists with challenging relationships bringing calm to the situation.

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. It is one of the luckiest stones and aids in boosting chances of any situation. Working directly with the heart chakra to assist in clearing old patterns and negativity about one’s self. Assists with perseverance in challenging situations for the blocks to lift allow light to shine through and luck to come forth by assisting you to embrace and trust change.

Hematite brings grounding and balance to one’s life. Absorbs negativity energy and calms in times of worry or stress. Works with the base chakra to bring stability and security by turning negative energy into a positive vibration

Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are the highest of energy seekers of the crystal world. These are mostly clear and manifest pure solid light. Known as the attunement stone, hermiker’s allow for attunement to a person, place, or situation. If your loved one travels away, have them take one with them and feel the instant connection between the two of you. Space will not exist. Herkimer’s are the perfect healing stone as they retain memory and can be attuned to the effect you wish it to have. Be it love, happiness, protection. It heightens the powers of any other crystal you use and is especially suited to those working within the spiritual or Complementary therapies. Smokey hitmakers carry a higher grounding aspect.

Caution- build up your use of the Herkimer. You will feel its energy very strongly to begin with and may have you feeling lightheaded with the first few sessions. Not a stone to be used with or near children and animals.

Howlite is an attunement stone that can connect you to the higher consciousness. Excellent calming stone for the emotions and aids in reducing stress and anxiety. Diminishes frustration, stress and rage. Assists in bringing awareness to current and past life issues and allows for calm communication for emotional healing. Protects and assists the upper chakras of the throat, third eye and crown.

Honey/Gold Calcite Great for meditation and attuning you to the higher mental planes. It is uplifting and grounding. Use on the crown or solar plexus chakras.    

Jet Helps with Grief and depression after bereavement. Conquers negative thought patterns or fears. Protection for sea travel, against envy, ill wishes. Great for good luck in business and new jobs

Kunzite Inner peace and clarity in relation to matters of the heart. Helps to aid a peaceful sleep. Helps you to find wisdom in matters of the heart by clearing negative emotions.

Labradorite will help enhance your mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy. Assists in past life recall. In a workplace, labradorite brings out the best in people and allows for a harmonious workplace. It aids in the detoxification process of tobacco and alcohol.

Lapis lazuli brings inner peace and clears the mind of negative thought patterns. Assists in clearing migraines and headaches. Aids in the process of spiritual transformation, finding truth and enlightenment.

Lapidolite Stone of transition. Assists with shedding old behavioural changes and patterns. Soothing and helps with releasing depression, anxiety and stress.

Larimar Stone of healing. Enlightens and heals on all aspects. Physical, emotional and spiritual. Works with the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. Facilitates inner wisdom and strength   

Lava stone is linked to the base chakra. Supports courage and stability. Aids in diminishing the negative traits we can carry. Very grounding which allows for the inner fire of passion to ignite.

Can place one to two drops of pure essential oils on the lava stone. This will last for a few days.

Lepidolite is a calming and soothing stone everyone can benefit from with our hectic lifestyles. It helps bring joy and gratitude into our lives in a very calm way. Lepidolite can help you through the most difficult times in your life as it relieves and releases emotional suffering by showing you joy in the world. To show you the smallest things are joyous and beautiful. Use lepidolite in cases of grief and mouning to find the inner joy and strength and allow for emotions to be in balance.

Mahogany obsidian works with your base and sacral chakras to move and dispel negative impacts and energy allowing for your creativity to shine. A protecting and grounding stone, it will guard you against psychic attacks. Helps you to align to the abundance that is present or coming into your life by boosting your self worth and self power. Reconnect with your true value and worth, align with your inner strength, whilst staying grounded and protected. A

Malachite protects you from negative entities by creating a strong barrier around you. Protects you from psychic attacks. Aids in creativity by enhancing intuition. Linked to the heart chakra, it promotes balance and loyalty in relationships. Whether this be love, business or friendship.

Do not allow this stone to become wet. It will damage the stone. In its raw form, malachite is toxic. Do not induce.

Moonstone A gentle calming stone. Assists with emotional healing. Helpful for nightmares and insomnia. The ultimate fertility stone.

Moldavite is rare, found only in Czechoslovakia, and named by the area in which it is found near the Moldau River. It was created when a meteorite collided with the earth millions of years ago. It carries energy of the earth and extra-terrestrial. Moldavite can have some interesting and instantaneous reactions for the first-time user. It is a powerful stone and can leave the user feeling quite hot as its forces the body to raise its vibration to match that of the stone. It is said to change the owner’s life almost instantly. It is the stone of greatness. Working with the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, it offers healing of the heart, self love. Assists with psychic work and protects against psychic attacks. Aids in astro travel. Moldavite will work where it knows it needs to go. Aligns multiple chakras at once. Opens the energy up to pinpoint exactly what is missing in your life and gives you the clear path to obtaining happiness. It is a prized stone.

Mookaite helps you to take control of your own destiny. Helps to sharpen your intuition and reawaken your inner spirit. A powerful grounding stone that help you to make decisions on hope not fears. Encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and see life with fresh prospective.

Morganite Carries the energy of divine love and compassion. Helps release emotional trauma and replaces this feeling with a sense of peace, love, and calmness.

Moss Agate Stone of new beginnings. Assists with environmental sensitivity and pollutants. Attracts abundance in wealth and improves self esteem.

New Jade Believed to attract good luck, friendship and brings harmony.

Onyx gives strength and centring. Helps with personal power and self-confidence.

Is great to help alleviate fears and worries. Also helps to heal old griefs.

Opalite is a manmade stone but has amazing qualities. Boosts self esteem and self worth. Allows you to come into your inner strength. Allows for expression of deep emotions. When working with your third eye, it unlocks visions, insight and intuition. When placed on the crown chakra, it will enhance your psychic abilities.

Orange calcite is a strong stone to use with the sacral chakra. Helps to get energy forward moving in both creativity and sexuality. Assists in finding new ways around ongoing problems. Builds your physical, emotional, and mental balance to be functioning at full capacity.

Peacock Ore is the chakra stone of alignment. It will clear and cleanse your chakras leaving you feeling totally in balance. Works on the third eye to allow you to rediscover lost knowledge.  Also known as crystal of joy and happiness. This is exactly what you feel when you see this striking and colourful joy. As it grounds excess nervous energy, it allows you to truly be at one with your body, mind, and soul. 

Peridot Guards against destructive jealousy and resentment. Encourages greater self-worth. May help the effectiveness of other medications and treatment.

Pink opal helps heal matters connected to the heart. It will assist in times of loss and pain. Sleep with this under your pillow or close to your bed to unlock and let go of what no longer serves you. Use to promote self healing and love. One of the most powerful of the healing stones when it comes to the heart. Allow pink opal to heal your hurts and bring joy and hope into your life.

Pink Tourmaline works on the heart chakra. It allows for you to release worry, doubt, and hurt. Assists with depression and anxiety. In return, bring in peace, love and harmony to oneself.
A great stone for children. It can help with reducing risk of falls and aids in sleep. Assists children who are sensitive to stay calm and within their centre.

Pyrite Stone of good luck.  Works on the solar Plexus. Protective against people who are manipulative or controlling.

Rainbow Fluorite Highly protective and stabilizing. Allows for harmonious spiritual energy. Increases intuitive energy. Links Universal consciousness with the human mind.  

Rainbow moonstone is a form of labradorite. It is a stone for new beginnings. It allows for the growth and discovery of inner strength. Stabilises the emotions by removing stress and provides calm. Assists with intuition. Promotes success and good fortune to one’s life.

Red jasper works directly with the base chakra to bring stability and security. Brining empowerment and self worth to allow you to discover your full potential. It absorbs negative energy very well and may shatter if a situation is of the extreme. It is wise to cleanse this stone regularly.

Rhodonite assists with dispelling anxiety and remaining centred in challenging situations. Related to the heart chakra, it protects against jealousy and envy. Carry to balance emotions to nurture feeling of love for self and others. Assists to balance emotions after a period of grief and or loss. Can help with hearing and speech issues.

Rose quartz is for the love. Love of self and others. Is assists in healing from past hurts and disappointments. Opens you to unconditional love. Allows you to see from another perspective to calm and heal conflict. Dispels feelings of fear to allow for situations to be understood, healed, and let go to allow the new to come into one’s life.

Place tumbles into the bath for a sense of deeper connection to your heart and to immerse yourself in unconditional love.

Ruby fuchsite is a beautiful combination of ruby pieces infused within the gorgeous green of fuchsite. This makes the perfect heart chakra combo. It will turn negative and destructive behaviours into positive and uplifting energies. Ruby fuchsite will unlock any latent psychic abilities by opening the heart to the messages received. By also activating the crown, it will allow psychic messages to come from and delivered through the heart space.

Ruby kyanite is a great combination to allow you to shed old patterns to allow your dreams to become reality. Working with the heart and throat chakras, it allows you to speak your truth whilst allowing you to stay soft and within your heart space. To allow the truth and depth of your feelings be known whilst staying protected against negativity and vulnerability. A great stone to meditate with to reach the truth in matters and releasing the worry and stress that can hold you back.

Scolecite Stone of inner peace. Rebalances energy and speeds up recharging process. Spiritual and emotional balancer. Helps you to connect with higher self and universal consciousness

Selenite is a beautiful and powerful crystal. It holds a high vibration that allows the user to clear their mind of negative chatter and thoughts to allow for personal transformation. Opens your crown chakra to allow for messages to come through from spirit and will strengthen your psychic abilities. Selenite clears both the physical and energetic body of negativity. Use to grid your home to cleanse from unwanted energies. Use Selenite to clear your aura by waving it around your body daily. Selenite can also be used to cleanse other crystals. A must have piece for your collection.

Shattuckite is an uncommon and highly spiritual stone. Shattuckite holds an extremely high vibration and assists you to process psychic abilities and messages passed from spirit of loved ones and guides. It aids in clear understanding and clarity of messages received. It allows for clearing and healing of past lives. Shattuckite helps protect you from psychic attacks. Assists people who channel spirit.

Shiva Narmada is a rare form found only in India and holds the properties of all the elements. It will charge the entire chakra system. Clearing and cleansing from earth to the divine. Boost’s vitality and assists to enhance inner transformation.
Breaks up old patterns and open the path for new life without fear or hesitation. Allows for you to feel united within a relationship even if physical space is between you. Aids with fertility issues to balance out the hormones. Use in meditation of sleep to help keep you ground and safe.

Sunstone Attracts unexpected prosperity. Protects you against those who drain your energies. Can lift a dark mood, increase self-worth and confidence.

Smokey quartz works with the base chakra. It assists in grounding and absorbing negative energies and is a strong protection crystal. Assists with higher vibrational energy to ground and stabilise one with the earth, promoting security and stability. Brings harmony and balance to your home. Carry or wear a piece of Smokey quartz when you are needing some extra protection and grounding to bring stability.

Snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity. Balancing the mind, body and spirit. Use with the sacral chakra, it will calm and sooth you which allows you to address unhealthy patterns and brings change. Assists to bring emotions to the surface and aids in emotional healing and growth. Helps in the release of muscle cramps.

Sodalite helps us to know ourselves on a deeper level and connects us to our intuition. Assists to find strength and self esteem. Expands our mind and opens creative thinking. Connects you to your deepest dreams and helps make these a reality. Help clears electromagnetic pollution from a space. Keep one on your desk or near your TV to cleanse and purify.

Sunstone brings light in times of darkness. Helps to clear away negative thought patterns. Brings joy into one’s life. Helps you to maintain a healthy work life balance. Sunstone assists with self-worth and confidence.

Tanzanite Stone of transformation. Assists to accelerate spiritual growth and walking your true path. Allows your mind and heart to communicate directly brining thoughts and feelings into alignment.

Tanzine aura quartz is clear quartz bonded with gold and indium. It is linked to the third eye and allows for clear pathways to the spiritual plain. When using in meditations, it allows you to make strong spiritual connections to the divine and allows clarity to come through foe self. Assists in astro travel. Unblocks deep emotional hurt and allows for unconditional love to come through.

Tigers eye is a powerful and beautiful stone. It aids in releasing fear and anxiety and brings harmony and balance. It assists you to act by increasing your decision-making ability. Linked to both the solar plexus and base chakra, it helps to bring security and courage whilst assisting you to move forward with passion. Deflects unwanted negative energy.

Tourmalated Quartz Powerful stone of grounding and protection. Encases you in a protective shield whilst you remove unwanted energies form physical and auric field.

Tourmaline A blend of all types of tourmaline. Works with the heart and base chakras. Helps to ground your feelings and find the security within. Maintain balance and inner truth

Turquoise Crystal of justice and an efficient healer. Provides solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. Calms the mind and aids depression. Combats jet lag and fear of flying.

Unakite jasper bring in both the healing qualities of the mind and heart. Allows kindness, compassion, and love to come into your life and to give to others. Holds a sensitive energy to bring nurturing into one’s life. Heals oneself and assists in bringing couples closer together. Helps with bond between mother and child.