Introduction to Mediumship Workshop- Saturday 21st October 10am- 3pm

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Introduction to Mediumship Workshop 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to connect with those who have passed over?

Have you felt the presence of spirit and wish to know who it is and why they are there? Do you see signs, but are not sure how to understand them or if they are even real? 

If you have said YES to any of the above, then this course is for you. 

In this 5 hour course, we will cover the following 

• What happens when we pass over – life after life

• How to safely connect – protection. 

• How to connect with spirit – Spirit guides, loved ones and higher self.

• How to ask questions and trust the answers received 

• How to trust what we are feeling, seeing, hearing from our loved ones

• How to connect with your spirit guides and how to start working with them. 

• Ways in which spirit get our attention

• and much more..... 

You will leave empowered to connect with spirit, loved ones, your higher self all while feeling safe and protected. 

Cost of this course is $150.00pp 

I look forward to seeing you