Collection: Appointments With Kylie

Kylie is the owner of both Angels On The Lake and Re-Create Coaching And Development.

The breakdown of services offered under each business is as follows.

Re-Create Coaching and Development


Kylie is a Life, Intuitive and Mindset coach. Kylie has been working within this field for many years. 

Working with a Life/minset coach has many advantages including, but not limited to - 

  • Gain clarity and understadnig around who you are and your purpose
  • Improved self awareness
  • Challenging but in conditioning, choices and life blocks
  • Providing accountability 
  • Productivity increase wothin areas of your life including career, relationships, day to day life routines to name a few.

If there is an areas, or several, you wish to transform and change, these services are for you! 

Energy Healing 

Kylie uses a combination of the following during your Healing, just to name a few



Inner Child Healing

Past Life Healing

Time Line Healing


Angels on The Lake

Kylie is a gifted and intuitive psychic medium with over 20 years of experience both local and internationally. When connecting with her gifts, you will immediately feel her warmth and compassion and feel at ease. She will allow you to find guidance and understanding within your life. Delivering messages with honesty, empathy, integrity and compassion. Through divine connections, Kylie will assist you with the clarity you are seeking. She will assist in finding your soul truth that could potentially be holding you back from the path you wish to walk.

Kylie is a Spiritual Teacher Reiki Master with the Usui Lineage and Tanran Reiki System and Life, Intuitive and Mindfulness Coach.

Kylie Offers the Following Services

Psychic Medium Readings

Energy Healing

Life/Mindset Coaching

Teaching, Mentoring and Workshops